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Money Museum Virtual Exhibits

The ANA's Virtual Exhibits webpage takes popular displays from the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum and makes them available online to enthusiasts around the country and world. 

Learn about the museum's spectacular rarities, explore a wide range of historical subjects, and expand your collecting knowledge and interests. These virtual exhibits allow you to view high resolution images and detailed information about fascinating numismatic objects. Bookmark this page—it is regularly updated with new content! 

Featured Virtual Exhibits

the history of money exhibit graphic The History of Money

Explore the amazing origins of money on a journey that will take you to distant lands and times long past.

medal in america virtual exhibit The Medal in America

American medals have been used to celebrate individuals, record events, and as an indicator of power and prestige of individuals or the nation since their inception during the American Revolution.

money of empire virtual exhibit Money of Empire Exhibit

This exhibit uses money and medals to illustrate the development of the British Empire from its beginnings under Elizabeth I (1558-1603) to the present day.

coins crown and conflict Coins, Crown & Conflict Exhibit

This exhibit explores the period starting with the reign of Charles I and the English Civil Wars to the first years of the restored British monarchy under Charles II, through the coins, medals, people and objects associated with Oliver Cromwell.

trenches to treaties exhibit graphic WWI in Remembrance

World War I was a global conflict that affected the lives of 100s of millions of people and altered the political map of Europe and the world. Explore this conflict through money and medals!

bass gallery virtual exhibit Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection

The Harry W. Bass Collection was one of the most spectacular U.S. gold collections ever assembled. It was featured at the Money Museum for more than 20 years from 2001 through 2022.

bebee collection virtual exhibit Error Notes from the Bebee Collection

Explore the famous Bebee collection of error notes; including examples of double denominations, improper alignments, inverted backs, overprints and more.

BAKER-MANLEY COLLECTION OF NUMISMATIC WASHINGTONIA Baker-Manley Collection of Numismatic Washingtonia

The Baker-Manley collection is the ultimate grouping of numismatic Washingtonia not only for its quality and size (over 950 pieces) but for its provenance.


Virtual Museum Tours

money museum vr tour banner Money Museum 360° VR Tour

Experience the ANA Money Museum in 360° from your desktop or VR headset. Explore exhibits and examine pieces up-close and in great detail!

history of money money vr tour banner History of Money Exhibit 360° VR Tour

Find out more about all types of money, along with emergency money, tokens and other currency, as you explore The History of Money Virtual Tour!

medal in america vr tour banner Medal in America Exhibit 360° VR Tour

Explore this extensive exhibit and gain an appreciation for the beauty and value of medals as part of our legacy and as history in your hands.

money of empire vr tour banner Money of Empire Exhibit 360° VR Tour

View the ANA Money Museum's exclusive exhibit, Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth, from the comfort of your own home.


Explore More Virtual Exhibits

1804 dollar Virtual Collection

Search the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum’s Online Collections Database to discover fascinating numismatic images and information.

rittenhouse example of 1792 half disme 1792 Half Disme

The ANA is fortunate to display two examples of this rare and historic coin, including the finest known example that once belonged to David Rittenhouse, first Director of the Mint.

1913 v nickel in frame 1913 Nickel

The story of the 1913 Liberty Head nickel begins with a mystery — no one is sure how or why the five known pieces were produced. See the two examples on display at the Money Museum!

1804 dollar in frame 1804 Dollar

The 1804 silver dollar is among the most coveted of all U.S. rare coins, with only 15 known examples. The ANA is fortunate to have two examples to illustrate the story of this series.

1776 continental currency coin in frame The Continental Dollar of 1776

As the founding fathers met in Philadelphia to discuss independence for the colonies, their thoughts turned to the creation of a new coinage, a traditional symbol of national independence

1943 and 1944 Cents

Learn more about the famous 1943 Bronze Cent Error and 1944 Zinc-plated Steel Cent Error.

gold coin graphic Colorado Gold

The Colorado “Pikes Peak” Gold Rush officially began in 1859 after discoveries near Idaho Springs and Central City. Clark, Gruber & Co. were among the first and most successful assayers to produce private coins from Colorado gold - learn their story here...

colorado numismatics graphic Colorado Numismatic History

Learn the history of money made in Colorado from paper currency to the famous Lesher dollar experiment of 1900-01.

a.n.a. headquarters graphic ANA Headquarters 50th Anniversary

In 1961, the ANA Board of Governors voted to create a permanent headquarters and established a building fund in the same year. After an extensive search, Colorado Springs was selected.

the bebee collection graphic The Bebee Collection

The famous Bebee collection of US Paper Money is among the finest ever assembled. Explore the collection through this wonderful online presentation!


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